To understand PV solar it is important to understand the kilowatt hour, or kWh. It is a measurement of power and time. Your electric bill is the number of kWh’s you needed from the utility grid for the past month.

PV Solar produces the kWh. You no longer need to get a kWh from the utility grid if you have a PV Solar System creating the kWh for you. Instead you are producing your own kWh.

The amount of money it costs you to produce that kWh is where going solar saves money. Note, all PV Solar Systems don’t have the same cost it takes to produce a kWh. It depends on who you chose to build your PV Solar System. The utility companies charge upwards of 20 cents for the kWh. PV Solar Systems can cost a range of 8 to 20 cents to produce a kWh. Our PV Solar Systems are built to be about 8 cents for a kWh.