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Efficiency, cost and demand are increasing problems faced by traditional power networks.  Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is todays future solution.  It works by  placing smaller power generation units like Solar on your side of the meter, to provide efficient, cost-effective power that meets your needs.

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It is not just about going Solar, but taking control of your own electricity.

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The kilowatt hour

To understand PV solar it is important to understand the kilowatt hour...

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Renewable Energy

PV Solar Renewable Energy is replacing an old worn out way of producing electricity...

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Take Control of Your Usage

The next generation of Demand-Side management gives you even more control of your energy consumption...

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Our Brands

chosen for their premium quality and reliability 

Our Difference.

KW Hour Energy

we specialize in Whole Home Energy Systems.

Providing you with an informed choice of PV systems that match or exceed your current needs,  while being mindful of how your demands may change over time, leaving you with a quality built, scalable energy system backed by our 25 year guarantee.

 Brand Selection

We work with the best panels and inverter brands, giving you many options.

 Premium Materials

From start to finish.  We stand behind our systems with a 25 year warranty.

 Quality Installation

The aesthetics of the finished install are just as important to us as the materials we use…

 Cutting Edge Technology

That puts you in control of your energy consumption. DSM technologies are the future.

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We can help you decide if going solar would be the best outcome for you by

  • Evaluating your solar potential.
  • Assessing your Home usage.
  • Planning a solution to lower your costs.
  • Designing a system that's robust and keeps your power on, even when the grid is down.
  • Giving you an informed return on investment (ROI)

We oversee the entire project from consultation to going live with your new solar solution, making sure that even the little details are covered by

  • Considering the aesthetics
    • When possible running conduit in attics, or we paint the conduit color matched to your roof.
    • We use all black racking and hidden panel clamps as standard.
    • Installing combiner boxes in garages for security and cosmetics.
  • We include consumption monitoring CT's on every install.
  • Taking pride in the quality of our installations

The benefits and cost savings that come from

  • Having a well designed system.
  • Built with premium materials.
  • That is reliable and not dependant on the grid.
  • Peace of mind, knowing its all backed by our 25 year warranty.


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We service the Nothern California area