Power Up Your Trips With a Home EV Charger

Ask about our EV charger installation services in Gilroy, CA

One of the best parts of owning an electric vehicle is skipping trips to the gas station. But if you're still using a traditional outlet to charge your vehicle at home, you may find yourself having to make frequent stops anyway. You can cut down your charging time with an EV charger installation from the experts at KW Hour Energy.

Our team offers EV charger installation services in Gilroy, CA and surrounding areas. We can add a new charger to your garage or another area on the property. You'll be able to take advantage of...

  • Convenient charging at home instead of relying on public stations
  • Affordable charging with cheaper power rates from charging at night
  • Reliable charging through the night to get back on the road with a full battery each day

We can work with all manufacturers and customize your EV charger installation to fit your exact needs. Arrange for EV charger installation services by contacting our team today.