Reserve Your Home Energy For a Rainy Day

We install solar battery backup for homes in Gilroy, CA

Solar power may be a major part of your home's daily electrical use, but when a power outage hits the grid, just having panels isn't enough to prevent you from losing power. Setting up a solar battery backup for your home can keep your lighting and appliances working until things go back to normal.

KW Hour Energy installs home solar battery systems for properties in Gilroy, CA and surrounding areas. Our team can add a solar battery to your existing system or include it alongside a brand-new solar panel installation.

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Why should you get a battery backup system?

Solar battery backups are a great way to keep reserve power on demand for power outages and stormy weather. But you'll also notice benefits like...

  • Lower electric bills
  • Hassle-free, low-maintenance emergency power
  • Freedom from expensive emergency fuel bills
  • Reduced noise when you need reserved power

Like your solar power system, adding a battery backup to your home can also help you qualify for tax rebates and boost your home's resale value. For more information on our solar battery backups for homes in the Gilroy area, send us a message today.

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